A Guide to the Clinical Academic Support Panel (CASP) Process

The CASP is a mechanism to support the clinical and academic development of Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs) through yearly appraisals with oral and written feedback including a professional development plan (PDP) for the next year. Each subsequent year progress against the previous year’s PDP will be discussed and a new PDP will be created. The aim of the CASP process is to assess and track the competence of trainee ACPs (tACPs.) 

In South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, data from CASP meetings is collated centrally by the SY&B Faculty for Advanced Practice. This is done with an aim to improve the training and supervision of ACP supervisors, to monitor the quality and content of University Masters ACP courses and to improve the training and supervision of subsequent ACPs.

The SY&B Faculty for Advanced Practice has produced Guidance around the CASP process; this contains information around the timeline for the CASP process, the make up of the CASP panel and guidance around the appeals process. 

Click here to download CASP Guidance 

Click here to download CASP Checklist