CPD Funding for Nurses & Allied Health Professionals 


  • £333 per Nurse/AHP for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training
  • Anticipated to be released for 3 consecutive years 2020-2023 (total £1000 per person)
  • Can only be used for CPD, not backfill or equipment
  • Cannot be carried over but can be used as part-payment for a more expensive course

What is the background behind the release of NHS CPD funding?

£150m of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) funding has been made available for registered nurses and allied health professionals (AHPs.) The Primary Care 20/21 CPD allocation has been calculated using 2019 NHS Digital General Practice Workforce data. Funding equates to £1,000 per eligible registered health professional over the next 3 years (£333 per year.) 

Who is eligible for this funding?

Funding criteria (SY&B Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub)

  • Must be employed by General Practice in the South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw area
  • Must be a registered Nurse/ Nursing Associate/ AHP 
  • Must have the support of line manager/practice to attend training
  • Training must be relevant to the role of the learner and align with practice/PCN priorities

What is the role of the Training Hub?

The role of the SY&B Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub is to ensure that every nurse, nursing associate and allied health professional (AHP) has access to the £1000 CPD Budget allocated through the NHS Long Term Plan. The Training Hub will hold this funding for primary care to ensure that it is all drawn down and coordinate distribution of funding so that no individuals miss out. 

Are there any rules around what CPD funding can/ can’t be used for?

Funding can only be used for CPD and cannot be used for backfill or equipment. CPD funding cannot be carried over, but it can be used as part-payment towards a more expensive course. 

What is the process for applying?

  1. Individual to identify relevant training course, organisation, cost and dates
  2. Individual to seek approval from line manager
  3. Practice to submit training request to Training Hub
  4. Individual to apply for training (stating ‘SY&B Training Hub-CPD funding’ as funding source)
  5. Individual to receive confirmation of offer for training place
  6. Training Hub to transfer funding to practice

The CPD funding request form can be downloaded here

For any further queries, please contact us