GPN Ready nurse blog – week 10

This week Jack* wins a Rising Star award from the GP Nursing Awards!

We have teamed up with newly-qualified nurse Jack,*one of Health Education England’s GPN Ready Scheme nurses, to find out exactly what it is like to make the move from nursing student straight to GP nurse! Every week, we will be hearing from Jack* and finding out about his week in General Practice. Over to you, Jack*!

*name has been changed for confidentiality purposes

How has your week been? 

WOW, this week has really been a blur. It has been a really busy week with work; we had a new 2nd-year student nurse that I have been working with. I also found out that I had been nominated and short-listed for the General Practice Nursing awards…and that I won an award! (Over the moon, to say the least.) From Tuesday onwards the week has flown by, seeing a variety of regular patients following through their treatment pathways and meeting new patients.

What have you mostly been doing at the Practice this week?

This week has seen a lot of leg bandaging. This was one of my favourite parts of my community placement, I love bandaging legs and seeing them when they are acute, treating wounds, ulcers and managing oedema (fluid build-up resulting in swelling) and seeing the end result. This is a journey that you have to work with the patient collaboratively and support them through their journey, as some wounds can take months to treat.

Have you done anything this week that you have never done before? How did it go?

This week I really enjoyed working with the student nurse, I think it’s really important to have a nurse that is able to understand the role of a student nurse and is aware of the student’s current abilities and limitations. You can support the student throughout their placement and tailor the learning opportunities that you can expose them to.

One important thing that you learned this week?

Always allow time to speak with patients, as you might be the only person that they speak to all day. Make time for patients; communicate with a caring manner to deliver compassionate care.

What was your favourite part of the week? Why?

I have had several this week! I really enjoyed that my Mum got to come to the award ceremony, mixing with nurses from across South Yorkshire to celebrate the profession. There was so much positive energy throughout the evening and it was inspiring as a newly-qualified practice nurse. It was also humbling to see that my role model was nominated and also won an award.

I also attended a fundraising evening on Thursday to support a dear friend who is doing the London Marathon in aid of a wonderful charity, the British Lung Foundation. The evening was a total success and raised over £400. Well done!

What was your worst part of the week? Why?

Nothing to report; a really good week, just busy!

What have you done this week to relax?

This week has been a chill out weekend and recharging for the week ahead. There have been a few early evenings this weekend. I look forward to what the new week has to bring.