GPN Ready nurse blog – week 16

This week Jack* assists with Baby Clinic and enjoys an extra-long weekend.

We have teamed up with newly-qualified nurse Jack,*one of Health Education England’s GPN Ready Scheme nurses, to find out exactly what it is like to make the move from nursing student straight to GP nurse!

Every week, we will be hearing from Jack* and finding out about his week in General Practice. Over to you, Jack*!

*name has been changed for confidentiality purposes

How has your week been? 

This week saw the return to work after a long weekend…an extra-long one for me, as I wasn’t back to work until Wednesday! I have really enjoyed this week, however- as I keep saying, the weeks just seem to be flying by.

What have you mostly been doing at the Practice this week?

This week I have been discussing a lot of blood results, mainly cholesterol results. Cholesterol alone doesn’t trigger patients to start medication unless there is a family history or a diagnosis of hyperlipidemia. When discussing statins, the patient’s “Qrisk” must be reviewed, this is their risk factor of having a heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years, based upon: gender, age, BMI, combined cholesterol and blood pressure. From this figure, you are able to discuss life style factors and put an action plan in place.

Have you done anything this week that you have never done before? How did it go?

This week I saw my first patient to discuss their blood results and it was for pre-diabetes. I have a keen interest in diabetes…however, you have to tailor the discussion to ensure that the patient is engaged and is able to understand the risk and the importance for preventative interventions.

One important thing that you learned this week?

Everyone wants you to succeed! Reach for the stars! Hard work does pay off.

What was your favourite part of the week? Why?

This week I again assisted with Baby Clinic and I feel that I am starting to develop my confidence and knowledge around baby vaccinations.

What was your worst part of the week? Why?

Nothing to report; it has been a really enjoyable week.

What have you done this week to relax?

This week I had a family visit from Norfolk and we visited Eden Camp. I went to Eden Camp when I was 9 years old and it has not changed! I still loved it. We also went on a number of country walks and most importantly went for a Roast Dinner (veggie option for me.) The weekend now feels complete. In the upcoming week, the practice has an external TARGET; this is where we go for training outside of the practice and then I have a student support session on Friday. Have a lovely week.