GPN Ready nurse blog – week 17

This week Jack* enjoys a study day and meets other nurses new to General Practice.

We have teamed up with newly-qualified nurse Jack,*one of Health Education England’s GPN Ready Scheme nurses, to find out exactly what it is like to make the move from nursing student straight to GP nurse! Every week, we will be hearing from Jack* and finding out about his week in General Practice. Over to you, Jack*!

*name has been changed for confidentiality purposes

How has your week been? 

This week has again been a really busy but interesting week, full of new patients and lots of new learning experiences. This week again has been a three-day week due to attending a study day hosted by the GPN Ready Scheme.

What have you mostly been doing at the Practice this week?

This week has seen me carrying out a lot of blood pressure checks; this is something that I am fairly new to…learning the blood pressure ranges for patients with different conditions and ensuring that blood pressures remain within range. I have started to learn the policy for managing blood pressures within our practice, I have also started to learn the lift line investigations needed to be undertaken and the drugs used as first-line treatment. This is something that is very exciting and a very important part of the practice nurse role (managing the health of the local community) as hypertension is a common long-term condition, often associated with the stress of everyday life.

Have you done anything this week that you have never done before? How did it go?

This week I referred a patient to ‘Social Prescribing’- this is a service used to support patients who require additional support to manage social exclusion and help to manage their long-term conditions, whilst preventing hospital admissions. This is a very effective service that is valued by many.

One important thing that you learned this week?

This week whilst on my study day, I was advised on useful online resources that are patient friendly and are easy for them to access and engage with. Promoting self-help and patient management is very important for them to successfully engage and take care of their own health.

What was your favourite part of the week? Why?

This week whilst on the study day; there was a collective mix of nurses, both new to nursing and many with years of experience working in hospitals who were new to General Practice. I loved hearing their stories and sharing knowledge and tips with each other.

What was your worst part of the week? Why?

Nothing to report! Another enjoyable week.

What have you done this week to relax?

This week I had a shopping trip to Leeds (I love Leeds.) I also had a pamper session and got my hair cut. This weekend I also worked a shift at the hospital for the first time since qualifying. It was only as a Healthcare Assistant, but I really enjoyed it and it was lovely seeing and working with all of the staff that supported me through my training. Nothing to note happening next week, so I look forward to what the week has to bring. Have a joyful week everyone!