GPN Ready nurse blog – week 5

This week Jack* runs his first solo clinic!

We have teamed up with newly-qualified nurse Jack,*one of Health Education England’s GPN Ready Scheme nurses, to find out exactly what it is like to make the move from nursing student straight to GP nurse! Every week, we will be hearing from Jack* and finding out about his week in General Practice. Over to you, Jack*!

*name has been changed for confidentiality purposes

How has your week been? 

This week has been a learning week. I attended an external TARGET session that is run for the practice nurses of the local community to attend, where up-to-date information is given and it allows for nurses to get together and discuss work. I found this very useful to speak with other experienced nurses and learn from them (I was the only male nurse there.) I also attended the first study day of my GPN Ready scheme; this was on Immunisations and Vaccinations, a very useful yet complex part of nursing (there were 4 other male nurses there.)

What have you mostly been doing at the Practice this week?

This week has seen a lot of suture removals and clip removals; I have always loved removing these and enjoyed the challenge.

Have you done anything this week that you have never done before? How did it go?

This week I had my own clinic as the only nurse working at our sister practice, working alongside a GP and a Healthcare Assistant. This was very nerve-wracking as I was the only nurse there, but I had the support of my colleagues on the phone and a GP with me. I enjoyed the responsibility, as well as the autonomy to risk-assess and make my own decisions. I look forward to doing this again.

One important thing that you learned this week?

Be brave and trust yourself; you can do it!

What was your favourite part of the week? Why?

I enjoyed working at the different surgery. I really enjoyed the variety of learning opportunities this week; going to a support group with experienced practice nurses and then attending the GPN Ready study day and working with practice nurses new to nursing and new to general practice.

What was your worst part of the week? Why?

It has been a really positive week. Plus…I go away to Barcelona next week, so nothing not to be positive about!

What have you done this week to relax?

This weekend I am off to Barcelona with friends for the week, to bust the January blues! Speak soon!