GPN Ready nurse blog – week 21

This week Jack* enjoys another Bank Holiday weekend and shares his expertise with students at his practice.

We have teamed up with newly-qualified nurse Jack,* one of Health Education England’s GPN Ready Scheme nurses, to find out exactly what it is like to make the move from nursing student straight to GP nurse! Every week, we will be hearing from Jack* and finding out about his week in General Practice. Over to you, Jack*!

*name has been changed for confidentiality purposes

How has your week been? 

This week has only been a short week for me due to the Bank Holiday! Weeks just seem to be flying by. This week I worked with a 3rd Year Medical Student, training her on how to take bloods and give injections. I also worked with the 2nd year student nurse that is on her Hub (Main) placement at our practice.

What have you mostly been doing at the Practice this week?

This week I have been working with a variety of different students. I really enjoy having students as you can work with them to incorporate evidence based practice & experiential learning to shape them into healthcare professionals of the future. Hopefully I am a positive role-model for them. I had lots of role-models throughout my training and I still aspire to be like nurses that I work with now that I am qualified.

Have you done anything this week that you have never done before? How did it go?

This week I attended a training session on Ear, Nose & Throats (ENTs) as I have started to develop my foundation knowledge because I will soon be going on my Ear Care & Irrigation course. This week I have started to look into patients’ ears (with consent) when they have a concern. I am really looking forward to the Ear Care course as a lot of my colleagues have been on it and have really enjoyed it.

One important thing that you learned this week?

Keep hydrated throughout the running of the day! You must look after your own health otherwise you won’t be much help to your patients.

What was your favourite part of the week? Why?

This week I have been able to spend a little longer with patients as my clinics haven’t been so busy, so I have been able to listen to their stories. It is so important to spend time with patients and develop professional relationships to ensure that individualised patient-centred care is delivered.

What was your worst part of the week? Why?

It has only been a 3-day week…so what is there to complain about?!!

What have you done this week to relax?

This week I attended a vintage car show! I have a Mini and I love to see old classic cars. I have also been clocking up lots of miles walking in the beautiful countryside with my dog. We really are so lucky to live near the countryside.

This week I have another peer support study session hosted by the university GPN Ready scheme. I really enjoy these sessions as they help you to develop the foundations of clinical skills and are a platform to network with other nurses and healthcare professionals.