Background of the HCA Apprenticeship

Many practices are starting to reshape their workforce by increasing the number of Health Care Assistants (HCAs) to alleviate pressures on already stretched nursing teams.

The SY&B Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub is keen to promote an expansion of the HCA workforce within primary care by providing ongoing support to ensure that HCAs in general practice have the knowledge and skills required to understand their role. 

Practices that meet a defined set of criteria are eligible to receive bursary funding to support HCAs completing an apprenticeship in clinical healthcare support, plus primary care specific ‘bolt-on’ modules (Venepuncture/ ECG/ Wound Care/ Motivational Interviewing and First Aid.)

Apprenticeships provide quality developmental routes for existing staff or new recruits and are a cost-effective solution to recruitment and employment.

This bespoke apprenticeship delivers skills designed around the needs of the practice and helps to develop the skilled workers required for the future to achieve organisational objectives. 

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