If you currently assess nursing students on placements in GP under the pre-2019 NMC standards, to maintain your status as an active Mentor, you need to:

  • have an annual Mentor update
  • contribute to Mentoring at least 2 students in a 3-year period and
  • complete your Triennial Review every 3 years.

This guide answers some ‘frequently asked questions’ about Mentor Updates.

How do I know if I am due for a Mentor Update?

The best way to check is to log in to the PARE placements database (found here) which will show you your profile and the date of your last Mentor Update. (NB: PARE has now replaced the old PPQA database.)

What should I do if my Mentor Update is overdue?

If you don’t have a student booked in on placement, then you should book onto a Mentor Update at your earliest convenience. Each ‘place’ area in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw holds group update sessions facilitated by University Link Lecturers; contact us for dates of sessions in your area or book onto one of our GPN-specific SY&B Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub Updates.

If you have a student booked in on placement and your Mentor Update is overdue, then you will not be able to complete that student’s documentation. If you cannot attend a Mentor Update in time, you should complete an emergency Mentor Update prior to your student attending for placement.

What is an emergency Mentor Update?

If you cannot attend a face-to-face Update then you can do an online Core Mentor Update which will inform you about the latest changes to the NMC standards for Supervision & Assessment. Click on the image below to visit the page. The Core Mentor Update takes approximately 25 minutes to view and you can complete a short quiz afterwards which generates a certificate for Revalidation purposes. 

pan midlands core mentor update

What is a Transition Update?

As you will probably be aware, the NMC published its New Standards for Supervision & Assessment in May 2019 (linked here) which contain many changes that current Mentors need to be aware of. Some of these key changes are:

  • The term ‘Mentor’ will no longer be used and the NMC SLAiP Standards (2008) will cease to apply
  • The traditional role of a Mentor will change and be replaced by Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor roles
  • The Sign-Off Mentor role will cease to exist
  • Triennial review will no longer be a requirement
  • The 40% Mentor-Student contact requirement will be removed
  • Practice Assessors will not be able to assess their own students
  • Support of students will officially be the responsibility of every registered practitioner (NMC Code 2018)

In order for current Mentors to transition to the new NMC standards and become Practice Supervisors/Practice Assessors, they must attend a 3-hour Transition Update and self-declare that they have had this Update on the new PARE placement database. 

Please contact us for an up-to-date list of Transition Updates happening in your area.