If you currently assess nursing students on placements in GP, to maintain your status as an active Mentor, you need to:

  • have an annual Mentor update
  • contribute to Mentoring at least 2 students in a 3-year period and
  • complete your Triennial Review every 3 years.

This guide answers some ‘frequently asked questions’ about Mentor Updates.

How do I know if I am due for a Mentor Update?

The best way to check is to log in to the PPQA placements database (found here) which will show you your profile and the date of your last Mentor Update. The system will send you an email if you are due for an Update within the next 3 months, it will also place a ‘yellow flag’ next to your name on the PPQA site. If you are ‘out of date,’ the system will place a ‘red flag’ next to your name.

What should I do if my Mentor Update is overdue?

If you don’t have a student booked in on placement, then you should book onto a Mentor Update at your earliest convenience. Each ‘place’ area in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw holds group update sessions facilitated by University Link Lecturers; contact us for dates of sessions in your area or book onto one of our GPN-specific SY&B Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub Updates (see below.)

If you have a student booked in on placement and your Mentor Update is overdue, then you will not be able to complete that student’s documentation. You should contact us as soon as possible, as you will have to complete an emergency temporary Update.

What is an emergency Mentor Update?

As online Mentor Updates are no longer available, we have an agreement in place with Sheffield Hallam University to allow Mentors to read up on all of the information contained in the Mentor Information section of the University website, found here. This grants them a temporary Mentor Update (so that they can sign off any students) until they can access a face-to-face Mentor Update. You should print off any important documents as evidence that you have researched the site and your line manager should contact us to let us know the date that the temporary Update was completed.

Which Mentor Updates are specific to GP nurses?

The SY&B Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub hold Mentor Updates for each ‘place’ area (Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield and Bassetlaw) twice-yearly. These are run in association with Sheffield Hallam University Lead Link Lecturers and are GPN-specific. We cover topics such as Triennial Reviews, changes to the University nursing curriculum and the impact of the revised NMC standards on placements. These lunchtime Mentor Updates last for 2 hours lunch is provided. Forthcoming Mentor Updates are listed below- please contact us to book: