A Guide to MYE PAD for Practice Educators

What does MYE PAD stand for?

This stands for Midlands/ Yorkshire & East Practice Assessment Document. It was produced by collaboration between 28 universities in this region and it is in line with the 2018 Standards of Proficiency for Registered Nurses. 

What is the structure of the PAD? (Practice Assessment Document)

The PAD has been developed to ensure that student nurses are prepared to successfully meet the Future Nurse: Standards of Proficiency for Registered Nurses (NMC 2018) at the point of registration. The PAD details the level of performance that students are required to demonstrate at the end of each Part (Year) as below:

  • By the end of Part (Year) 1: Guided participation in care and performing with increasing confidence and competence
  • By the end of Part (Year) 2: Active participation in care with minimal guidance and performing with increased confidence and competence
  • By the end of Part (Year) 3: Practising independently with minimal supervision and leading/ co-ordinating care with confidence.

The PAD details the criteria for assessment in practice and contains information on types of evidence that can be recorded in the student’s Ongoing Achievement Record. It explains the responsibilities of the Practice Supervisor and Assessor in relation to student assessment. The PAD is available to download and view at the Midlands, East & Yorkshire Practice Learning Group site. This site also contains a short (15 minute) podcast which gives an overview of the MYE PAD. 

What is Pebblepad?

Pebblepad is an electronic version of the MYE PAD documentation. If you have trained as a Practice Supervisor/ Practice Assessor or completed Transition training recently, then you will need a Pebblepad account to be able to record comments on student documentation electronically. An app is available for practice educators to download to their phones (Pebblepocket) to make viewing student documentation easy and convenient. 

How do I get a Pebblepad account?

Please contact us here at the Training Hub to request an account- we will need your NHS email and the date that you undertook your Practice Supervisor/ Practice Assessor/ Transition training (plus training certificate.) Please be advised that accounts take 3-5 days to set up.

Is there any guidance available on using Pebblepad?

Sheffield Hallam have produced a series of short video guides to using Pebblepad, covering topics such as signing in, finding student portfolios and completing assessor fields. These video guides can be viewed by clicking the image below:

You may also find the links below useful, as they give a helpful step-by-step breakdown of MYE PAD documentation from the student’s perspective:

MYE PAD Overview – Year 1 students

MYE PAD Overview- Year 2 students