NHS Sustainability Day 2022

Wednesday 8th June 2022 marked the annual NHS Sustainability Day, which was about celebrating the importance of sustainable development within our national health services.

The day allowed NHS professionals and organisations to showcase how they are driving sustainability whilst celebrating their achievements and engaging with staff and patients. 
The NHS is the first health care service to make a pledge to become Net Zero by 2040.

South Yorkshire Greener NHS Champions made personal and professional pledges to help the NHS reach their target and inspired everyone to get involved.

Our very own Liz Leggott, Project Manager at the Workforce & Training Hub is a Greener NHS Champion and she encouraged our other colleagues in the training hub to get involved and make pledges, no matter how small, on how they could incorporate sustainable actions in their personal and professional everyday lives.

Some ideas were to:

  • not to print for a week
  • not use a car to get around for a period of time
  • go for a bike ride or even riding a bicycle to work
  • go vegetarian for the day, or vegan if already a vegetarian
  • turn off equipment/shut down computers and laptops at the end of the day


Non work related, personal pledge ideas were to:

  • eat healthier
  • plant a tree –  Sponsor a tree – NHS Forest
  • litter pick in your village or street etc
  • have zero food waste for a day or week
  • use active travel options – walk, bike or use public transport where possible and practical
  • turn off unnecessary lights


To find our more information about the greener agenda across South Yorkshire please click here.

Here are some pledges from our team!

“I pledge to cycle the 3 miles to the shops instead of driving”

Jane Emerson, Nurse Educator

“I pledge to be vegan for 2 weeks and to stop buying bottled water” 

Sanni Khan, Project Manager

(showing that vegan biscuits are delicious!)

“I pledge to do some litter picking with my children in my local area of Sheffield”

Elaine Clark, Admin & Communications Officer

“I pledge one day a week meat free and to walk rather than drive everywhere I can!” 

Amy Collins, Project Manager

“I pledge to turn off all equipment at the end of the day”

Melanie Robinson, Business Support Lead

“I pledge to not buy any new clothes for the next 30 days”

Louise Berwick, Training Hub Director

“I pledge to cook a week’s worth of fully vegetarian food for the whole family”

Jo Mirza, Project Manager

“I pledge to boycott the tumble dryer and the car for local journeys. Working from home and predominantly digitally means that my commuting miles and paper printing numbers are very low to begin with, but being at home its real easy to pop the washer on and then tumble dry them if the weather changes; not any more.   Also, ‘nipping’ to the shops in the car is real easy too!  My nearest supermarket is 1.4 miles from my door so pledge to walk for those essentials; this is also a good ploy to help me not buy those non-essential items as I’m going to have to think about carrying them home!  Win win!”

Liz Leggott

Project Manager