What is the SY&B Primary Care Nurse Training Programme?

This is a brand new Training Programme delivered by South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub, which builds on the success of the previous GPN Ready Scheme. It is a 1-year post-qualification GP Nurse Speciality Programme, aimed at newly qualified nurses who want to work in General Practice across SY&B.

The programme aims to employ 20 nurses per year through a lead employer and the Workforce & Training Hub will deliver Primary Care- specific clinical nursing and organisational skills training, plus pastoral and mentoring support. 

Why do we need this Training Programme?

There are increasing numbers of Newly Qualified Nurses seeking careers in General Practice Nursing, but they do not come out of training with the skill set and attributes required of a GPN. They need significant preceptorship training to develop, which many practices do not have the capacity to offer. The SY&B Primary Care Nurse Training Programme develops nurses for the first year of their career, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attributes required for modern General Practice. 

Why do we need this in SY&B?

According to recent NHS digital figures (2018) – there are 682 nurses working in General Practice across South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw, of which 140 are described as Advanced Nurse Practitioners. According to the Queen’s Nursing Institute (2016) 33.4% of nurses are due to retire by 2020 (source: General Practice Nursing in the 21st Century- A Time of Opportunity.) For SY&B, this means that 227 nurses are due to retire by 2020. 

Why do you need Rotation placements in General Practice?

Clinical competency is dependent on the context of clinical delivery. Nurses need to be trained in Primary Care, for Primary Care. The nurses need to consolidate the skills that they learn on study days on work-based Rotations in General Practice. This also gives immediate service delivery benefits to practices. 

How long are the Rotations?

Each Rotation will be for 6 months, with starting points in September and March. Practices can choose to host either one Rotation or two consecutive Rotations.

How much time will the Newly Qualified Nurse spend in practice?

This will vary according to the stage of the training. The Programme aims to offer front-loaded clinical training in the first Rotation (2 days per week study days, 3 days per week in practice over a 12-week period) so that the nurses are equipped with practical skills that will make them immediately useful to practices. After this 12-week initial training period, nurses will be in practice for 37.5 hours per week, but will have 1 day per month sessions out of practice for regular peer review and take part in action learning sets, plus protected time to reflect on their learning and practice.

What are the benefits to my practice of hosting a Newly Qualified Nurse?

  • No salary costs, training or travel costs to your practice,
  • Useful support with your Winter workload,
  • Help with your Flu campaigns,
  • Nurses will contribute to your QOF requirements,
  • Primary Care-specific, structured and standardised training programme provided,
  • Find out what a NQN can bring to your practice team- ‘try before you buy!’
  • The enthusiasm of a Newly Qualified Nurse keen to progress in their chosen career,
  • A ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to help you embrace different ideas and new ways of working,
  • Be part of an exciting pilot to revolutionise GPN training in your local area.

What are the costs to my practice of hosting a Newly Qualified Nurse?

Hosting a Newly Qualified Nurse on Rotation is free to practices; salaries are fully funded and travel/ uniform/ on-costs are all included. 

Who is funding the Primary care Nurse Training Programme?

Nurses are being employed on a 1-year, fixed term Training Contract (equivalent to Band 5) which is funded by local CCGs across South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw (proportional funding according to number of places required) with additional funding from Health Education England. 

What do we need to provide?

  • A supportive and nurturing educational environment,
  • Opportunities for the Newly Qualified Nurse to consolidate their learning,
  • Access to appropriate clinical supervision.

What training is provided?

The Primary Care Nurse Training Programme is divided into four domains:

  • Clinical Competency
  • The Landscape of General Practice
  • Communication & Consultation Skills
  • Professional Behaviours & Reflective Practice.

Much of the training will be provided by the SY&B Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub clinical team, and some will be brought in by other local providers. Examples include:

  • Phlebotomy
  • Vaccines & Immunisations
  • Motivational interviewing and health promotion
  • Cervical Cytology
  • Wound Care
  • Ear irrigation & Sexual Health
  • Travel Health
  • Quality & Outcomes Frameworks
  • Chronic Disease Management (Asthma/ CH/CH & CVD Management/ COPD & Diabetes)
  • Basic Contraception & Sexual Health
  • Consultation skills- face to face and telephone
  • Health Inequalities.

What support is provided?

Additional pastoral and mentor support for the Newly Qualified Nurses will be provided by the Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub clinical team, working closely with Primary Care Leads from Federations/CCGs across South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw. Support and guidance for practices and Nurse Supervisors will be provided by the Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub. 

Do we have to employ the nurse at the end of the training period?

There is no obligation at all to employ the nurse at the end of the training period. However, if you decide that the nurse fits well within your practice team and you have a vacancy that you wish to fill, then we would love to see them employed in the areas where they have done their Rotations. There will be further support from the SY&B Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub to match nurses to practice vacancies across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw.

Can we take more than one Newly Qualified Nurse?

If you have capacity at your practice to support more than one Newly Qualified Nurse at a time on Rotation, then you are very welcome to take more than one. 

How do we express an interest in being a Rotation Placement practice?

We are currently taking Expressions of Interest from practices across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw for both September 2019 and March 2020 6-month Rotations. To express and interest or to ask any further questions, please contact us here or email Programme Lead Louise Berwick at: slberwick@gmail.com