Is this a full-time programme? What hours will I be expected to work?

The nurse training programme is full time; trainees are expected to work for 37.5 hours per week over a one-year period.

CCG funded places will be full time posts, but those already employed in practice can access as a part time GPN.

For CCG funded places, working hours are split between training and time spent on rotation in GP practices.

Initially this will be 1-2 days training per week with remaining hours spent on consolidating learning in practice. Training days will become less frequent as the programme progresses, with more emphasis placed on consolidation of learning in practice.

Working hours are usually core business hours (e.g. 9am-5pm) but there may be flexibility within this according to individual rotation practices (e.g. 8am-4pm) which can be negotiated between nurses and practice teams, as long as core hours for the training programme are met.

Nurses must have the flexibility to work unsocial hours if required (as specified in the Job Description.)


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