What is the Primary Care Nurse Training Programme? (Nurse VTS)

The Primary Care Nurse Training & Preceptorship Programme is a 1-year vocational training scheme delivered by South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub.

It builds on the success of the previous GPN Ready Scheme. It is a post-qualification GP Nurse preceptorship aimed at newly qualified nurses and new-to-primary-care nurses  who want to have a career in General Practice. 

The pilot of this programme started in September 2019 and supported 18 newly qualified nurses across South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw through their first year of working in General Practice. The second cohort of 19 nurses started in October 2020. 

Nurse Manager Emma Thompson was recruited to the SY&B Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub to lead on the programme for October 2021 onwards and we are currently looking to recruit for the 22/23 cohort.

Please read the independent Evaluation of the South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw (SY&B) General Practice Nurse Vocational Training Scheme (VTS) published by Dr Robin Lewis PhD, Sheffield Hallam University in April 2022.


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