What is the Primary Care Nurse Training Programme?

This is a brand new Training Programme delivered by South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub, which builds on the success of the previous GPN Ready Scheme. It is a 1-year post qualification GP Nurse Speciality Programme, aimed at newly qualified nurses who want to have a career in General Practice. 

The programme aims to employ 20 nurses per year through a lead employer and the Workforce & Training Hub will deliver primary care-specific clinical nursing and organisational skills plus pastoral and mentoring support. 

The Workforce and Training Hub will organise rotations for the nurses in practices across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, in collaboration with area CCGs.

Listen to SY&B Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub Chair Ben Jackson talking about the Primary Care Nurse Training Programme here:

Why has the Primary Care Nurse Training Scheme been developed?

There are increasing numbers of newly qualified nurses considering General Practice Nursing careers, but they do not come out of training with the skill set and attributes required of a GPN. They require significant preceptorship and in-practice supervision to develop, which many practices do not have the nurse expertise or capacity to offer. The SY&B Primary Care Nurse Training Scheme develops nurses for the first year of their career, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attributes required for modern General Practice. 

What is the structure of the Primary Care Nurse Training Programme?

The Scheme will be divided into four domains:

  • Clinical Competency
  • Landscape of General Practice
  • Communication and Consultation Skills
  • Professional Behaviours and Reflective Practice

Examples of content:

  • Consultation skills- face to face and telephone
  • Phlebotomy
  • Vaccines and Immunisations
  • Motivational interviewing and health promotion
  • Cervical Cytology
  • Wound Care
  • Ear Irrigation and Instrumentation
  • Basic Contraception and Sexual Health
  • Travel Health
  • Safeguarding Children & Adults
  • Quality & Outcome Frameworks
  • Chronic Disease Management (including Asthma, CH/CK & CVD Management, COPD and Diabetes)
  • Care Pathways
  • Health Inequalities
  • Quality Improvement/ Audit/SEA
  • Leadership & Management in Primary Care nursing
  • Mentorship & Supervision.

Training Grant/ Bursary

Nurses will be employed on a 1-year, fixed term training contract (equivalent to Band 5.) At the end of the Training Programme, they will have the necessary clinical skills and experience to be employed as a General Practice nurse anywhere in the system.

Working Hours

Nurse trainees will be expected to work for 37.5 hours per week over a one-year period. This will be on a rotational basis in both ‘in hours’ and ‘out of hours’ GP services, to give them experience of all aspects of Primary Care. 


Nurse Trainees will work on rotations in a wide variety of locations across South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw. Rotations will be organised in practices that can provide mentorship/ preceptor support  and practices will be assessed for suitability by the SY&B Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub in association with local partner CCGs. 

Clinical Programme

Training will take place over a 1-year period and will consist of regular full-day sessions out of practice. In addition, nurse trainees will have protected time to reflect on their learning and practice, attend peer learning sessions and take part in action learning sets. Much of the training will be delivered by the experienced Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub clinical team and some will be bought in from HEI/ other providers. 

Training provided will offer front-loaded clinical skills, so that learners can bring practical skills to their work in practice on rotation, while they consolidate the other aspects of their learning, regular peer review and action learning as well as the development of reflective practice via the utilisation of an E-portfolio. 


Mentoring and support will be provided by the clinical team on rotations, by the Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub clinical team and through peer support from the cohort of trainee GP nurses.

What happens at the end of the 1-year Training Programme?

At the end of the programme, trainee GP nurses will have the necessary clinical skills and experience to be employed as a General Practice nurse. There will be further support from the SY&B Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub to match nurses to practice roles across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw and ongoing support to progress further into specialist disease area management, prescribing and Advanced Clinical Practice. 

Do I need to have experience in General Practice to apply for this Training Programme?

You need no previous experience of General Practice to apply, but you should be able to demonstrate an interest and an understanding of working in Primary Care. 

What should I do if I want to apply for the Programme?

14/06/19 UPDATE: Our advertisement for Training Programme places for September 2019 start is now CLOSED.  

We are currently matching successful applicants to Placement Rotations in their chosen areas. Please be patient if you have not heard back from us yet as this process can take some time! We will be in touch with successful applicants to let them know the outcomes of their interviews as soon as we can.