What is the Primary Care Physician Associate Preceptorship Programme?

The Primary Care PA Preceptorship is a tailored education and development programme for newly-qualified physician associates who are starting their careers in general practice in South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw. The preceptorship provides training, support and guidance to help PAs transition from students to confident and clinically sound autonomous practitioners. 

What is the structure of the PA Preceptorship Programme?

It is a 2-year educational programme to assist early year professionals in navigating the early years in General Practice. It provides weekly clinical skills training based on half day release, with workplace-based assessments, actional learning sets, mentoring and peer support. 

Who can apply for the PA Preceptorship Programme?

Any South Yorkshire or Bassetlaw GP practice or PCN employing a newly qualified physician associate in a substantive role (salaried or fixed-term contract, minimum term 2 years.) 

What is the cost of the PA Preceptorship Programme?

The programme is provided at no cost to employers and there is a potential £5,000 funding available for those attending the preceptorship. 

Where do I find more information?

For more information on the PA Preceptorship in South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw, or to find out how the Training Hub can help you to recruit a PA, please email Javi, our Physician Associate lead: Javidul.Islam1@nhs.net