Primary Care Physician Associate (PA) Preceptorship

The Primary Care PA Preceptorship is a tailored education and development programme for newly-qualified physician associates who are starting their careers in general practice in South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw. The preceptorship provides training, support and guidance to help PAs transition from students to confident and clinically sound autonomous practitioners. 


2-year programme specifically for primary care

 Weekly 1/2 day clinical skills training

 Workplace-based assessments

 Group debrief, mentoring & peer support 

 Provided at no cost to employer

Who can apply for the PA Preceptorship programme?

Any South Yorkshire or Bassetlaw GP practice employing newly qualified physician associates in a substantive role (salaried or fixed-term contract, minimum term 2 years.) 

How do I apply?

If you are considering recruiting a newly qualified physician associate and wish to access the PA Preceptorship programme, please email: syandbpapreceptorship@gmail.com

If you are a physician associate working in SY&B and interested in the PA Preceptorship, please speak to your employer about joining the programme or contact us for further information.