If you currently assess nursing students on placements in GP, you will need a profile on the PPQA database of healthcare placements. This will allow you to leave feedback for the University Lead Link Lecturers on the support that you receive as a Mentor and to view feedback that students leave about the placements that they have had with you.

This guide answers some ‘frequently asked questions’ about using PPQA.

What does PPQA stand for?

PPQA stands for Practice Placement Quality Assurance and it can be found here. It is an online database of all of the placements across Yorkshire and Humber where healthcare students can be placed and it contains documentation designed to ensure that these placements are maintained at the highest possible standard.

How do Mentors register for PPQA?

As a Mentor, you can first register for PPQA in the section on the right of the homepage (shown below.) Enter your name, NHS email address and choose a password to register on the PPQA system. From then on, you will only need your username and password to log in.

What areas of PPQA can I view with a Mentor login?

The following screenshot shows the homepage that Mentors are able to view. Mentor access rights allow you to complete a questionnaire to evaluate the support that you have received from Sheffield Hallam University, to change your password/login details, to view feedback that students have left about their placements with you and to view the placement profiles of any practice registered on the PPQA database.

What is an LEM and why does my practice need one?

Each placement needs an LEM (Learning Environment Manager) who is in charge of keeping the practice profile on PPQA up to date. This is usually the Lead Nurse at the practice or the Practice Manager. The LEM has higher level access rights to PPQA that allow them to edit the practice profile and make changes to it. Any changes at the practice need to be shown on PPQA, as student nurses will read the profile prior to starting their placements. Examples of changes that need to be amended are things like: changes of name/ email address, Mentor Updates attended, addition of new staff, Triennial Reviews undertaken etc.

What extra access rights does an LEM have for PPQA?

The screenshot below shows the homepage view that the LEM can see. The extra access rights for the LEM allow them to:

  • create and edit a profile
  • view and print the practice audit
  • view and edit the list of educators at the practice
  • view the evaluations that past students have left for their Mentors.

How do I access evaluations that students have left about me if I don’t have an LEM login?

You should ask your LEM to access the “Student Evaluation Results” section of their PPQA homepage to view comments that students have left about their placement. Student evaluations can be downloaded and saved as valuable evidence for Triennial Reviews and Revalidation. If you have problems in accessing these evaluations, do please¬†contact us as the Hub team will be able to send them to you.

Who should I contact if I have a question about using PPQA?

If you have any questions about using PPQA then do please contact us. We will be happy to help!