A Guide to online training for Practice Educators

In order to supervise and assess students on placement, you must be suitably prepared for the role. If you have previously undertaken ‘Mentor’ training then you can complete a short ‘Transition’ course to prepare you for the new NMC Standards for Supervision and Assessment (2019.) If you have not previously done Mentor training, you will need to undertake Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor training. 

A set of online training materials for Practice Educators has been developed by Anglia Ruskin University and can be accessed for free at the links below. You will need to register for an account and you need the facility to listen to audio content/ download materials. On completion, you will be able to generate and download a certificate of completion for Revalidation purposes. You can also send a copy of this certificate to your local Training Hub to enable them to register you with a MY-EPAD account.


Practice Supervisor Training

A Practice Supervisor is a registered healthcare professional, who supports and supervises students, providing feedback on their progress towards, and achievement of, proficiencies and skills. To undertake the online Practice Supervisor course, click the link below and carefully follow the on-screen instructions:

Click here

Practice Assessor Training

A Practice Assessor is an NMC registrant who conducts assessments to confirm student achievement of proficiencies and programme outcomes for practice learning (NMC 2019.) To undertake the Practice Assessor course, click the link below and carefully follow the on-screen instructions:

Click here

You are advised to watch a Practice Educator Update from your local University on completion of your training, to ensure that you are fully prepared for the individual requirements of their course. An online SHU Practice Educator Update is available on the Practice Educator Resources page (see below.) This counts towards Revalidation and a certificate is available from the Training Hub to evidence this if required- please contact us.

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