What is the 12 week training module?                                                

Each paramedic will spend 12 weeks with a Practice/PCN to complete their “Specialist Paramedic in Urgent Care” training which culminates in them taking The College of Paramedics’ Diploma in Primary and Urgent Care (Dip PUC).

During training and beyond while they will still be further developing skills and experience, they will be an immediately productive member of the Primary Care Team.

These will be experienced paramedics with an ambulance service foundation in which they will continue to have an exposure to an environment that hones and develops their acute decision making skills.

During the 12 week module The Workforce and Training Hub will deliver weekly sessions which will give them:

  • Skills in managing acute care
  • An understanding of some aspects of long term condition management
  • An understanding of Primary Care and how it works
  • The importance of strong working relationships with a multidisciplinary primary care tea

These teaching sessions are funded by the Training Hub. We politely request that going forwards, you continue to release your paramedic for the afternoon session only so they can join the case based discussions and peer support.

See our FAQs for more information.


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