When could my PCN get their Paramedic? 

We are aiming to start our next cohort in April 2023.  

We realise that this is going to take a while to cover all the PCNs who are interested and PCNs are free to go and recruit their own paramedics if they wish, but we would ask PCNs not to do this for two reasons:

Firstly, there is a real risk, of us causing serious destabilisation of the ambulance service if the PCNs cherry pick some of their best paramedics.

Secondly, we passionately believe that this model is the right one for our system. The paramedics will be more effective in their primary care work in your PCN for participating in this rotational model.

There is evidence that shows where Primary Care trained paramedics return to work on ambulances in the same area where they do primary care then there is a significant reduction in their conveyance rates. This means a significant to the local health economy.


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