What is the background behind the GPN Ready Scheme?

A 2016 QNI report highlighted that 33.4% of GP nurses are due to retire by 2020, vastly reducing the ‘pool’ of available staff. The report also noted that preferred primary care recruitment strategies typically involve ‘recycling and poaching’ other experienced staff from neighbouring practices, rather than recruiting staff with no experience of primary care, or newly qualified nursing staff.

During 2016-17, Health Education England in Yorkshire and Humber created the GPN Ready Scheme which incentivised practices willing to recruit a new NMC registered nurse and develop them over a period of two years to become proficient general practice nurses (GPNs.)

Now into its 3rd year, The GPN Ready Scheme offers practices financial support for education and training during the preceptorship period for newly registered (during the last 9 months) NMC nurses or Return To Practice nurses who are new to the primary care environment. The Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub has already brought approximately 30 newly qualified nurses into the South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw workforce since the scheme began.

The details:


£3000 (£1500 in year 1, £1500 in year 2) plus a funded place on a preceptorship training course and support from SY&B Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub.


No minimum number, practices may employ more than one nurse.


The newly qualified GPN needs a preceptor in the practice who has the skills to support them and the practice must be able to provide a good quality learning environment. The newly qualified nurse must have graduated during the last 9 months and this must be their first destination post since qualifying.

Additional information:

As part of their preceptorship training and to qualify for the second batch of funding, the GPN Ready nurse must attend an NMC approved mentorship course in their second year. This enables them to mentor student nurses and helps to grow the future workforce of practice nurses.

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