Transition Training for Practice Educators

If you trained as a Mentor under the pre-2019 NMC standards, there are several changes that you need to be aware of. Some of these key changes are:

  • The term ‘Mentor’ will no longer be used and the NMC SLAiP Standards (2008) will cease to apply
  • The traditional role of a Mentor will change and be replaced by Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor roles
  • The Sign-Off Mentor role will cease to exist
  • Triennial review will no longer be a requirement
  • The 40% Mentor-Student contact requirement will be removed
  • Practice Assessors will not be able to assess their own students***
  • Support of students will officially be the responsibility of every registered practitioner (NMC Code 2018)

To transition to the new NMC standards and become a Practice Supervisor/Practice Assessor, you must attend a face-to-face or online Transition Update and self-declare that you have had this Update on the new PARE placement database.

For Transition Updates in your area, please contact us.

***Please note: emergency temporary NMC Standards have been brought in force to allow Practice Assessors to assess their own students during the Covid pandemic. (Jan 2001)

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