If you currently assess nursing students on placements in GP under the old pre-2019 NMC standards, in order to maintain your status as an active Mentor, you need to:

  • have an annual Mentor update
  • contribute to Mentoring at least 2 students in a 3-year period and
  • complete your Triennial Review every 3 years.

This guide answers some ‘frequently asked questions’ about Triennial Reviews.

What is a Triennial Review?

The NMC requires organisations to ensure that all their nursing mentors and sign off mentors have a 3-yearly review known as the Triennial Review. This helps you to map your ongoing development against NMC standards and it a useful tool for reflection and evidence-gathering. Triennial Review evidence can be a key part of your Revalidation portfolio. 

How do I find out when my Triennial Review is due?

The best way to check is to log in to the new PARE placements database and look at your profile. Your first Triennial Review will be due three years after gaining your Mentorship qualification. 

What should I do if I need a Triennial Review?

You should inform your Line Manager that you need a Triennial Review- this could take place as part of your annual Professional Development Review. There is no ‘official documentation’ to complete, but South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub have put together a Triennial Review Pack (see below) which can help you to gather your evidence together in order to demonstrate that you fulfil the criteria set by the NMC for mentors to remain on the live register. 

Completing the Triennial Review form in the pack prior to your meeting will enable your Line Manager to see clearly what evidence has been provided for each competency. It is the Line Manager’s responsibility to check that the evidence meets the required NMC competency standard.

What evidence do I need to gather for my Triennial Review?

You will need to show evidence that you have:

  • Mentored at least 2 students within the last three years
  • Participated in an annual Mentor update (e.g. certificate of attendance)
  • Mapped your ongoing development against NMC standards (suggestions for evidence are contained within the Triennial Review pack.)

What should I do when I have completed my Triennial Review?

You should keep your completed TR form for your records and your Line Manager should also keep a copy of this as part of your annual Performance Review. Contact the SY&B Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub here to inform them that your Review has taken place and the team will update your PPQA profile to reflect this. 

What should I do if I have any further questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Click here to download a copy of the  SYB PC Workforce Hub Triennial Review pack